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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Hermit stories from hermitage of The Hermit

Two Lights

There was this wise man who lived atop a mountain. One day a woman who had a name just like me left in search for this wise man. Although darkness was falling, she set off up the mountain towards a bright light, and certain that it was there she would find the wise man.

When she reached the source of the light she was surprised to find nothing but an oil-lamp with moths fluttering around it. As her eyes grew accustomed to the dark, the woman noticed a dim glow a short way off. Walking over to it, she discovered the wise man reading by the light of a candle.

The woman greeted him and then asked, "Why are sitting here in the near-darkness when there is a much brighter light over there?"

"As you can see, the bright light is for the moths, leaving me here in peace to study by the light of my candle," replied the wise man

In essence- The bright light represents the knowledge, the borrowed knowledge which we gain from here and there. It is bright and big, quite expanded and its obvious role is to attract others. It may be mistaken by the real light. The false is always showy and bright. It is scattered around us and is easy to spot. However the light which one gets from inner wisdom is very delicate and soft. It may not be showy but it is difficult to find. Truth is difficult to find. It is not easily visible. The moth like trivialities will fly around the false light. People get attracted by false and pompous play. Your own true light which will come out of experience and true wisdom will allow you to find peace and serenity and will keep the moths away.

The inner light of wisdom and experience alone can help one be at peace and serenity. It will keep moths of ignorance far away.

Our able masters and many great masters of tarots who are with us in person and essence are trying to say the same thing. We should learn to listen to the voice of our inner wisdom there we will find, our tarot friends whispering to us, their whispers may be slow and dim but just like candle light true and powerful.

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