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Sunday, 26 February 2012

3 of Cups, The Devil, 5 of Pentacles

A party or gathering, coming together which started on decent note, soon got out of hand. Devil does that trick, although an expansive card, it breaks conventionality. Devil in astrology is related to dragon head, in hindi language it is also called Rahu. Rahu is a shape-shifter, it is smoky, deceptive and an outcast, the one who embraces everything. The one who meanders through the lanes of that which is taboo, sleaze, kink with poise and panache. Sometimes it provides much needed release, helps in letting go of pent up emotions but if badly afflicted as shown here with outcome as five of pentacles can strip a person of everything, his sense of right and wrong, financial losses, respect. It can put everything at stake. Sometimes rahu or dragon head in this case devil deliberately invites you towards intoxication and indulgence as when you have had your fill to the breaking point and when you face the outcome after that you tend to recede, but again devil's method's are as unconventional as he is himself. Thus excessive indulgence, intoxication, is seen here which will result in hardships. Hope they learn after this. If the lesson is not learnt then the lesson will be summoned.

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