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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Two of pentacles, the magician, five of pentacles

TWO OF PENTACLES- The Lord of Harmonious Change

The first card that appears is that of two of pentacles – A man is depicted with two brilliantly golden discs in his hand. He is not just standing there, holding them. He is in the act of juggling them. He is a juggler, a multi-tasker. These two large discs are supported by twisted band. It’s just a one big band, twisted together to make two small circles. While he dances and juggles wearing a funny hat, it must be noticed that he is standing on solid grounds, although the scene behind him seems quite chaotic. The sea is facing a high tide and the ships sailing in it are almost on the verge of getting upturned. And yet this man goes about his off-beat dance. There are two messages that can be derived from it. One, the man does not bother so as to what is going around him, he continues to follow what he feels is right and second he is so far able to maintain a delicate equilibrium between the two Cs i.e chaos and calm. The elastic band via which the two discs get supported make a mystical symbol (∞), which is a symbol of infinity.

The card talks about a man who has been unconventional in his approach, who no matter how hard things became still managed to smile through it, a man who was not afraid to try new things and yet a man who sometimes followed so many directions, walked on so many paths that that he got caught in the loop of infinity.

Since the card has landed in the past position it clearly indicates that in your life so far you have not let anyone stop you from following many paths. You had wild fun, and you took from it what you felt was best. The card asks of you to be a more refined juggler, if you are currently having your plate full of projects, life, laughter, tears, pain, friends, and warmth then juggle these eclectic emotions with a sense of calmness and celebration. When we think too much then we cannot juggle. No matter how tumultuous the background looks, like a calm and carefree person keep the tempo up.

THE MAGICIAN - The Magnus of Power

One of the most powerful cards of major arcana, no matter how much we say or write about this card, it will still never be enough to fully explain its power and meaning, a very exalted and an auspicious card. The card indicates making dream, a reality. A person who possesses the wonderful ability to bring what is mystical, what is ethereal to the human plane, a person who actually can create a formula for intuition, a person who can bring esotericism on formulaic plane. The path that seems very ordinary to you right now possesses nothing less than a grand extraordinariness. Only something great in your life right now can summon such a powerful card like magician. He does not come that easy. He is here to tell you that some kind of magic has filled your life which you yourself are not aware of right now. A benefic presence, something or someone powerfully divine both in person and pages have come to you. Things have happened and happened for good reason. Now is the time for taking action, now is the time to realize your potential. Now is the time to stay committed on the path that has been chosen for you.

The magician in the picture is depicted as raising his right hand, over his hand with a wand in this hand. The ends of wand look like small pointed pyramids. Pyramids have long been considered excellent channels for converging energies on one single point. They are store house of energies; our Hindu temples also convey the same architectural design. They act as connectors, something of the sky is being brought to earth and something of the earth is being sent to the sky. And Magician himself is the channel, the energy station through which all this is happening. In front of him, on the table are resting physical objects representative of four powerful elements, the cup, the wand, the sword and the pentacle. The cup represents emotions, the sword – our intellect and thoughts, the wand signify passions and creativity and the pentacle represent material gains. The magician himself is the fifth element, the space, in which all these powers have the ability to blossom. He combines them all, he gives them life. Thus you have been given the seed of life. You have been handed the secret, your entire energies should be invested in making it come to life. Also notice the powerful infinity symbol (∞) hovering over the magician, the same symbol is seen in the hand of juggler. The Magician is the Tarot's card of being genuine and open. Thus this card asks of you to be receptive, invest in good karmas, and cherish what you have now. Now is the power. Magician like all other powerful tarot entities have its negative side too, he can also represent conman ship, has he actually summoned the elemental forces because as far as the story goes, these forces were already there in the bag that the previous card of tarot i.e the fool was carrying, magician just showed the fool their true potential. Thus beware of con, sometimes in pursuits of something ambitious we end up hurting others, appearance of magician asks of you to not to be that person. The card also wants you to observe prudence and do not let people at your work con you.

FIVE OF PENTACLES - The Lord of Material Troubles
You are ignoring what you have right now - On more psychological level troubled times brought upon via ignoring someone. The five of pentacles when combines with the emperor card, which it has in few other readings that were done keeping the querent’s question in mind, clearly depicts presence of some sort of addiction within the querent, which he is not able to overcome. Five of Pentacles shows something lacking in terms of finances, health and emotions. Take care of your health and before it goes further wrong, you must re-adjust your lifestyle as they said help is around you, just need to look around. When paired with magician it indicates that there is a possibility of you getting conned in money matters, so take the plunge carefully. Also it asks of you to keep your eyes open, look around in times of trouble because the help will always be nearby, in form of a friend, life-path or family. Just do not isolate yourself to the point where you stand alone. This card springs up when you feel something is lacking in your life. But the powerful card of magician is here to tell you, you will become what you think. Thus think great. Greatness does not lie in self-pity; greatness lies in self-belief. Help is near-by and right within your own-self and take full control of it. Be the magician. This is your life path. Be the mentor who is his own guide, the one who is brilliant like the sky and yet humble like earth, the one who becomes the platform, where earth and sky meet. In a way, it also depicts the path you are following right now. The study of life, the most arcane, the most mysterious and myriad, made available, in a way brought on earthly plane just for you. You have magic in your life right now; all you need is open your eyes and heart to it.

Carpe Diem