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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Tarot card combinations- 9 of Pentacles, 2 of Cups and Queen of Swords

Nine of Pentacles

A woman dressed in her silken robes, watches over her nine pentacles or discs, encrusted in her beautifully maintained hedgerows, dotted with ripened grapes. A bird perches over her hand and with one hand on the pentacle she is looking at the bird. Her expression seem to border on boredom. Luxury is a way of life for her. The woman in card is able to create a life of wealth around her and is perfectly settled in it. She has generated enough wealth to buy her luxuries of the world which we as human beings otherwise dream of or strive for.

However one thing to be noticed in this card is absence of laughter or family people, this cards does not denote company. Like 10 of cups card which denotes a happy family life with children playing in the background. We see absence of such an interaction in this card.

The lady is for sure surrounded by beauty and all things lovely, but her overgrown hedgerows seem to cut her off, from rest of the world. She has sort of retreated in her own world of beauty and pleasure but in a way seems isolated.

Thus this card denotes material abundance but also depicts isolation. Since this card has landed in the past position thus we can say that the querent was surrounded by enough wealth that helped her create a wonderful, beautiful but sort of isolated space for her.

Two of Cups

The second card that comes after that of nine of pentacles is two of cups and the moment we see this card, we see ‘company’. It is a card indicative of bonding, of two people coming together in love, partnerships or business ventures. And since it has landed in the present position we can successfully say that the lady with nine pentacles will soon expect company, she will come out of the retreat she has surrounded herself with. Something will blossom.

This card represents two people drawn to a common cause or to each other and together they will be taking onto newer journeys. It speaks of harmony established between two people. Soon enough!

Queen of swords
Queen of swords speaks of a well thoughtful woman who does not wear her heart on the sleeves, is practical enough to understand underlying current of a situation and tries to look at the complete picture, for a given scenario. It simply means a well informed person who treads her path carefully.

The presence of feminine energy dominates all the three cards. Thus we can say that a woman is the center figure of these card readings and also the cards are asking us to connect to our intuitions. Since the queen of swords has landed next to two of cups card, it is giving a clear message that the new bond, or association soon to be arriving in the querent’s life must not be taken on the ‘face value’.

No matter how promising it may sound, not matter how right it may sound, the querent is being asked not to wear her heart on her sleeves. It also denotes presence of wise woman in querent’s life who will advice her to look at the bigger picture and will ask her to tread carefully. It can also represent the practical side of querent’s mind.

Boredom propels us to latch onto anything or person who enters our life. The similar situation is being faced by lady with nine pentacles, it can be called boredom or nine of pentacles represents a woman whose life seems fulfilled in material terms but is yet to find or discover deep bonds or associations and when she is going to enter in to one, it will be very intense.

The queen of swords is simply asking her not let go of reason. She is an intellectual woman who has faced some serious tragedies in past. Thus no matter how beautiful the future looks like, she will not let go of reason and practicality.

The queen of swords is asking the querent to do the same. Be alert and even when a time comes through associations, when the querent will see the world with rose tinted shades, the querent is being asked not to let go of reason and before entering in union or partnership look at the complete picture.

Carpe Diem

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Anonymous said...

I got the queen of swords and two of cups and 10 of pentacles. Your interpretation makes an awful lot of sense with regard to the queen and the 2 of cups . Thank you . Mary D