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Friday, 29 July 2011

Confessions of a DORK

Yes sometimes I cry when it rains, it reminds me of special people in my life, the ones who are with me and the ones who left me

Yes I enjoy my solitude but sometimes extended solitude turns into loneliness and don’t know when this loneliness turns into solitude

Yes I sometimes dream of open green spaces and wind blowing through my hair, it feels as if I am being set free

Yes sometimes I deliberately jump in puddle of water as the splash and whoosh become my stress busters

Yes sometimes I want to cuddle a puppy. They make my heart melt. The cute fluff balls make my troubles go away.

Yes sometimes when I am not able to sleep at night, I go to my balcony or rooftop and the silence of night mystifies me.

Sometimes simple things like call from an old friend or innocent laughter of a kid makes my day.

Is it wrong not to feel ambitious and not to push away people for success, since these people were the reason that I was successful in first place? What it is called ‘Climbing up the success ladder and leaving people behind’ or ‘People are just staircases in your life, step on them, climb and then leave them behind.’ One should inadvertently and advertently stay detached. Sorry I do not get any of the above quote. I hate people who practice them. Thus Am a DORK

Is it okay to value friends more than work and if that warmth goes missing and everything becomes way too mechanical, is it okay to LET GO.

Where do I fit in this competitive, political crazy world where pleasures are found by treading on toes, when I do not want to hurt a fly?

And is it fine to sometimes hate, burn or throw away magazines who commodify sex, and infinitely talk about shoes, bags or accessories, calling it extended "Symbology" of humanity

When I watch the world pacing around me, I wonder where are they going, why they are missing the bliss of journey in order to reach their destinations. Is destination yet another goal for them? Aren’t we suppose to enjoy the journey

Last but not the least is it okay to get nightmares about failed examinations although when I wake up I find I am in my late twenties and have left the classroom premises way back.

I hate math, anything to do with mathematical analysis, playing the game of adding and subtracting numbers all throughout the day.

And I still like playing ‘Ludo’.

Confirmed dork because used way too may ‘I’s in the above confessions

So what is your dorky confession?

Let me know

Till then
Carpe Diem

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Anonymous said...

This is absolutely profound Samara!