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Friday, 8 July 2011

Tarot Cards- Secret revealed

Here king of cups and hermit are showing unique affinity to each other, to the point hermit is completely ignoring hierophant and it seems as if king of cups is listening to what hermit has to say, with emotions magnificently under control. Hermit is extending his lamp of light to king of cups. The King of Cups is representative of a person uniquely in control of his emotions. He receives every thread of emotions with utter stability. He does not get excited easily. This card represents those who choose religion, art as their life path.

One of the more mysterious cards in the Tarot deck is The Hermit. Standing atop a hill, in his solitude, a man dressed in robes, giving impression of man who has retreated into layers of life, looking down into the space below, holding a lamp from which a star spills out bright light. This simple card is indicative of a complex situation at hand. When The Hermit card appears in the reading, it exudes solitude front and center. Now whether this very solitude is going to flower into silence of the within and around or is it about a person trapped in confines of his mind. The beauty about tarot card combinations is they are to be seen in relation with each other.

Coming to the third card, which is hierophant, in readings, the Hierophant often represents learning; being in the company of learned teachers. The card implies learning with highly able teachers. This card also stands for sacred institutions, their disciplines and norms. You will see a Hierophant card in Tarot reading when you are about to surrender you intellect towards higher knowledge. Here is means studying in traditional educational institutions who have created behind them a powerful legacy. It must be understood that here knowledge will not be that of an abstract kind but will be well processed, channelized and technical. The subject of study can be esoteric in nature but approach will be technical. Hierophant when appears in future position it means that an individual is subjecting himself to a well channelized, institutionalized education system concerning religion, art, philosophy, or occult.

In above spread the hermit seemed to have turned his back to hierophant. And the hermit’s solemn attention is on King of cups. From king of cup’s side, he can see both the hermit and the hierophant. Hermit seems unwilling to listen to hierophant’s call or advice. So much has he internalized everything that he is just not willing to look outwards? But he is ready to share all he has got with king of cups. To the point he is extending his light to him. It also seems like hermit is only willing to speak with King of cups. Thus a great communication of an unknown order is flowing from the hermit to kings of cup. And the nature of king of cups is that he absorbs everything without the slightest speck of excitement. There is a sense of somber ness attached to hermit card's nature and what best way to pass it on and that to a person who is master of the emotions. See king of cups floating on ferocious sea, with utter calmness. While The Hermit manifests the wisdom of sun, the moon ruler of water is the churners of emotions in our mind and on which king of cups, the king of sea, the king of emotions sits. Some great exchange of emotions is taking place between hermit and king of cups more from the side of hermit. Some great emotional energy, some mystical power is flowing from hermit, and what best person to know it, to hold it, to absorb it than the king of cups.

Here the hierophant seems to stand alone. The king of cups is seeing the hierophant but hierophant does not seem to be aware of his presence. So it seems right cause being the king of water and emotions his energy can flow to hierophant but hierophant being rigid, his energy can not flow to king of cups but yet he is there. Like a sturdy pillar. So on one side the hermit face flexibility and on other side the hermit counters rigidity. The hierophant is suggesting to the hermit it is time to move outward, to study and follow. To understand outer discipline, to understand religion, art, to enter into ceremonies. The Hermit does not seem willing because it looks too rigid to the hermit. But soon enough all doors to knowledge will open up and the hermit whose energy seems to incline more towards emotions and that of past will eventually be redirected towards strength. The same strength as depicted in the pillar that stands behind the hierophant. It is to be noted that strength has many forms and is being depicted in both the cards. In the card of king of cups, he sits on furious waters but he stays afloat and is in control. The hierophant sits on high chair and is also in control. The hermit is showing more inclination towards strength of the moon which is more inward, but the time is arriving for him to turn towards the strength of sun which is more direct and expansive.

So, my friends here was step by step reading of the above mysterious and powerful combination.

‘Fate at its best, in dance of life, through pictures’

Let me know your response and comments on it.

Till then
Carpe Diem

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